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CTS (Control Training Site) European programme

The Control Training Site is applicable to any doctoral student who is a national of a Member State of the Community or an Associated State, or who has resided in the Community for at least the last five years (Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Cyprs - Czech Republi - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherland - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovak Republic - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom).

CTS is offering three to twelve months to studying in one of the twenty-nine Host Institutes from eight different countries listed on the CTS Web Page. The main objectives of CTS are to promote the exchanges of European doctoral students and to offer a complete training course and research training in the large multi-disciplinary area of control including various areas of control theory, optimization and control engineering. Courses will take place mainly in five different sites: Delft (Netherlands), Trieste (Italy), Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), Stuttgart (Germany) and Paris (France). Several control school will also be organized.

All the details may be found on the Website of the Control Training Site at with a poster and application form.